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Some background to Yoruba Language Learning  Before You Begin

Thank you for your interest in learning Yoruba. Here are a few details about the course.                                               All Yoruba words, phrases and sentences will have a sound clip attached.
The methods of learning any language are as varied as there are individuals. However, three broad categories come to mind. This is how I classify them:
       1. Natural method
       2. Didactic method
       3. Recreational method
The Natural method is the way all of us acquire our primary language (usually our mother tongue). We are 'born into it', and develop our vocabulary naturally. We are thus able to speak the language fluently but may not necessarily be able to write and/or read it. This can also be called the Direct method.
The Didactic method is when we go to school to receive language instruction. This involves developing skills in writing and reading together with a structured and detailed knowledge of the grammar. It can also be referred to as the Academic method.
The Recreational method is the acquisition of knowledge of a language for fun. Some may want to travel to a foreign land and therefore find it necessary to arm themselves with the basic conversational skills in the foreign tongue prior to their departure. Many are born in a foreign land where the predominant language of the land is then their primary language. The yearning to understand their mother tongue and culture drives them to learn the language of their heritage. Yet others have a special interest in learning a language, perhaps for religious reasons in case of many who have a desire to learn Yoruba because of their affinity for the Yoruba traditional religion. Most people are not obliged to take this venture seriously since they will not necessarily undergo a proficiency examination on the subject. However, the effort that is put in dictates the results obtained.
The Yoruba language is the mother tongue of millions of Yorubas abroad, however, their offspring's primary language is not Yoruba but that of their current domicile. Under these circumstances, the Natural method of acquiring proficiency in Yoruba is usually impractical, the Didactic method is unrealistic and the Recreational method is futile unless accompanied with a serious commitment. 
The aim of Bis Bus International is to provide all those interested in learning the Yoruba language through the medium of the Internet the resources to do so. This, of necessity, requires the ability to read it. With the help of the accompanying sound clips we hope you will then develop the skills to speak it - fluently. In order to be well grounded in the study of Yoruba, the ability to write it is invaluable.   
It is necessary for prospective students of our Yoruba Language School to:
 1.  Have their own personal computer.
     Some files have to be downloaded and installed and it is not proper to do this on a computer other than one's own.
 2.  Have basic computer skills.
     This is essential to facilitate exchange of information between student and instructor. We want to spend time
     learning Yoruba and not troubleshooting computer related problems.
3.  Have a good internet access and e-mail facility.
     This enables exchange of large file attachments. Although most of the materials will be accessed directly from
     our web site, we plan to send large file attachments to individual students from time to time.
 4.  Have a colour printer.
      What makes our teaching method unique is our colour coding technique of illustrating the tonal nature of   
      the  Yoruba language.  
The cost of Registration for 1 year is:
                        U.S    $ 100.00 for Residents of the United States     (Check or Money Order)
                        Can.   $ 125.00 for Residents of Canada     (Cheque or Money Order)
                        U.K        50.00 for Residents of the U.K.     (Money Order only)
                        Euro      80.00 for Residents of other European countries.     (Money Order only)
payable to:
                           Bis Bus International
                           40 Alana Drive
                           Barrie, Ontario  L4N 7K8
                          (Tel. (705) 728-1697 ;  Fax  (705) 728-0980)  
     Subsidized rates for residents of African, Caribbean and South American countries available by
     special request. There is a special discount for any relatives from all over the world as well. A DNA
     test may be required !!!
Dr. Adebusola Onabajo Onayemi
The main primary medium of instruction for ALL registrants is through the
 The Junior School segment has been created as a bonus for kids, and the
Senior School for those who want a little extra.



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School Year Begins JULY 1, 2004

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